What is Jumbomark?

Jumbomark is an Indonesia trademark search engine.

Use it as a first step to registering and monitoring your trademarks in Indonesia. This simple search helps to determine whether there are any identical or very similar marks for similar goods or services.

We encourage every trademark owners to begin every implementation of new products with trademark search. Make sure your trademark is clear and secured before you create labels and packages for your product.

Use Cases

Here are some use cases where Jumbomark can help.


Entrepreneur or businesses who want to search and register their new brands. Jumbomark will help them search and get their trademark fast.


Researcher looking for data on Indonesia's trademark industry. Jumbomark can help with comprehensive data landscape.

Brand Managers

Brand managers use Jumbomark to manage and monitor their trademarks. They can even check on their market and competitors business move.


Graphic designers looking for inspiration for logos, imaging design in their market, competitors. Jumbomark helps them get what they look for.