Trademark Publication Library & Monitoring System

Jumbomark is a trademark application database based on the official gazettes published by the DGIPR of Indonesia. Search trademark applications and create watchers for automated monitoring.

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Indonesia Trademark Publications Publications

Trademark application data based on gazette publications (Berita Resmi Merek) from Indonesia Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights.

Indonesia Trademark Search Search on Demand

Search publications by trademark, application/agenda number, class, and proprietor. See if your application is published.

Trademark Monitoring Monitoring

Monitor your trademark application status changes through its way to registration. Simplify your monitoring tasks and be the one who knows first.

Use Case Ideas

Trademark Consultants

A trademark consultant who monitors trademark gazette, does periodic checks for trademarks managed by her. In Jumbomark, this search is quick and very convenient for a smaller porfolio. She will then able to email the clients immediately for any updates.

For larger portfolio, Jumbomark implements a record management system so users can define their trademarks and access it for various activities such as monitoring and reporting.


Entrepreneur or businesses who want to search and register their new brands. Jumbomark will help them search and get their trademark fast.


Researcher looking for data on Indonesia's trademark industry. Jumbomark can help with comprehensive data landscape.

Brand Managers

Brand managers use Jumbomark to manage and check their trademarks. They can even check on their market and competitors business move.


Graphic designers looking for inspiration for logos, imaging design in their market, competitors. Jumbomark helps them get what they look for.

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Jumlah Aplikasi Merek Indonesia yang Dipublikasi Tahun 2014

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Jumlah aplikasi merek Indonesia yang dipublikasi tahun 2014 berdasarkan data BRM-A. Data diolah dan disajikan oleh Jumbomark.